About Me

Hello! First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. If you don't already know my name is Sierra Morris. I am a senior at the University of Missouri with a passion for storytelling. I am on track to graduate this December with a degree in Convergence Television Reporting. 

Currently, I am packing up to spend my last semester interning at CBS in New York City. I have hopes of moving there after graduation. In New York, I will complete my capstone, three mini-documentaries. 

I'm a military brat, but I call Bolingbrook, IL home. If I'm not in the land of Lincoln then I am probably on the East Coast at my parent's home in Virginia. I have lived in five different states and on three different continents. With that being said, I love to travel! 

In my spare time creating any and everything you can imagine. Right now, I am diving into my infatuation with film. 

This blog is one part, a portfolio for all of my journalistic works and two parts a place for my many streams of consciousness, enjoy!